Since opening in August of 2011 Love on a Hanger has been offering the Southwestern corner of Colorado with chic and contemporary women's apparel, accessories, shoes and intimate apparel. I offer our customers with boutique fashions without the boutique price tags. My desire is to offer the most exciting and easy shopping experience. I accomplish this experience with our outstanding customer service, honesty and attention to detail.  I offer our community with unique, trendy and chic apparel at the best prices possible. Because of this my inventory quickly changes and we are receiving new merchandise often, because of this don't hesitate to order quickly to fill your closet with love!

New Arrivals


Matchy, Matchy!

June 23, 2016

    Not too long ago I had a customer in the store and we were putting an outfit together for her. We had found... Read More

The Balancing Act

June 08, 2016

 Fashion is always a balancing act, especially with the loose and free fitting style that is on trend right now. We all are loving this... Read More

How Did This Happen?!

May 04, 2016

   In honor of Mother's Day I decided that this weeks blog post should really be one that can help all of the moms out... Read More

Think Twice Before You Click!

April 27, 2016

   In the internet world sometimes it can be difficult to spot a scam, especially if it sounds like an out of this world deal!... Read More